Monday, September 14, 2015

What's New

Recently on the Blogger Help Forums the following note sat at the top of the page.

Welcome to the new version of Google Product Forums! You can switch to the old design if you'd like (but really why?).

Because most people, unlike geeks, have what are called "comfort zones." Places, things and habits that make them COMFORTABLE. A very common one is sticking to a tool, job, process or program they get used to.

Opening up a familiar page on a computer, makes people feel good. Having it show up completely different the next time they used it, generally adds stress, frustration, and anger. Which is why geeks in general are often just below lawyers and politicians on the "I'd like to hit them with a bat list."

So the next time you come up with a new "Look n Feel" try to remember that many, many people would just like to be comfortable..... KRASH

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