Friday, September 18, 2015


  OK, it's time for some real Regulations on the internet. Yah, I know, home of free speech and all that, but like most folks I am sick and tired of Sneaky Advertising.

  In this instance the notorious Multiple Download Window. You have all been there. You spend some time researching some app or info and finally decide to download it. You cautiously click on the link to download, and are confronted with download buttons all over the page, all of which simply say DOWNLOAD.

  What to do? You know that one of these is supposed to be what you are looking for, and the rest are who knows what. Spam? Offers to spend your money? Things that could really screw up your computer? A  marriage proposal?

  So you end up reading nearly every thing on the page, hoping to find a clue to the mystery download. And finally in frustration you click on the one you think is right, and WHAM.

    You're suddenly downloading a gizmo to control weight loss in squirrels in Denmark, and it's only 3 easy payments of $14.95.

   After an hour or so working your way back out of this mess, you wonder why there is not a law that simply requires all DOWNLOAD buttons to have a label stating exactly what you will be downloading.

  And I don't mean some incomprehensible geek speak. I mean a label that has the NAME of the app, program, file, or sales offer, that button will download.

  If you agree, pass the word around.   KRASH

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