Monday, September 14, 2015

Blog Help

Just spent another hour on the net trying to get my blog to do something that should be nothing more than clicking a check box, or 2
And I gave up.....
I would REALLY like to sit down with someone who knows Blogger, explain what I want on my blog, and have them set it up so all I have to do is post my ideas, writing and pics.

I do not want to spend my valuable time, learning code, figuring out redirects and ULR addresses.
I do not want to start my day reading some geekspeak, explaining that to move this from here to there takes nothing more that reprogramming my life.

I want a welcome page to pop up when I open my blog with some info about me.
I want tabs that list blogs under specific subjects like, Art, Ideas, and Writing.
And I want to be able to post on any of those with out pissing my day away on help pages.
So far, as I can tell, all these simple concepts are a programming nightmare on blogs.

It's like suddenly being back in Widows 3.1

Finally got some where when a friend said "Just us separate blogs for each subject, and link them"

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