Monday, September 14, 2015

Brain Dead Programmers

On my Blogger dashboard today was the note below marked in red, from one of the guys who programs Blogger, I guess.
  I am brand new to blogging and find blogs about as un-intuitive as you can get.

  Like most people, I believe, I want to blog to say something. I want to pass on my ideas and wisdom, and maybe interact with some new friends.
  And like most people, I have NO urge to be a programmer, and as an artist, it's not even a part of how my brain works.
Expecting me to program, is like expecting a fish to walk.
Yet the note below was happily dropped on to my dashboard by some one who believes that the only people on the planet are computer geeks.

I just want to write a note on my blog page and have it show up where I want it to, and I would like it to happen with out the need to learn another language.
If the note below makes any sense to you, you have my sympathy...  KRASH

Recently we introduced a new set of expressions to the Blogger templating language, designed to let you customize the HTML of each post and page on your blog. We’ve gotten great feedback on them, so we figured we'd offer even more.

Now you can try out new tags, like:

  • b:elseif for a simpler multiple-case b:if branch.
  • b:switch and b:case for succinctly handling several possible cases of a variable.
  • b:eval for evaluation of more complex expressions involving data variables.
  • b:with for creating a nicer variable alias for a calculated value.

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