Thursday, September 17, 2020

Welcome ? just had to check out my Ranting Blog. My sympathies :o)

This blog is where I spew about things that frustrate or piss me off, this of course usually means some thing to do with the digital world.
But I do occasionally pop off on other subjects like politics and religion, but not as often, as those folks tend to be a bit dangerous.
If you like getting pissed off about stuff you have no say in, stop by now and then, we might actually agree on some thing :o)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Four Stages of Life

What is, What can be, What could have been, and What was....

Children are What is. New, open to the world around them. No rules, no inhibitions. They just are.

Teens and young adults are searching for possibilities. They are out to do everything, to be some one, to create.
They're after "What can be."

In middle age, people first start looking back, accessing  where they are, what they've done and "What they could have done."

In old age, they are "What was."
Constantly frustrated by a new world they can't understand or keep up with, spending their days reminiscing about "What was."

Friday, December 25, 2015


I got a FitBit wrist band for Christmas today, and thought it was a cool idea, as I have been working on my own Diet 1 blog.

That is I thought it was cool until I downloaded the app for my phone. Like all apps the permissions acceptance box popped up, and I started to read it. Like many apps now, if you accept, you are giving the app, and whoever controls it nearly total access to all information on your phone. And permission to modify that information.
Needless to say, my FitBit will stay in the box, and I may pass it on to some one who does not care much for their privacy.
For those who scoff at my paranoia, here is an excerpt from and article in Mother Jones.

If there's one entity that knows the value of the health data uploaded to these devices, it's the CIA. Last year, at a data conference in New York, the CIA's chief technology officer, Ira Hunt, gave a talk on big data. During the discussion, he told the crowd that he carries a Fitbit. "We like these things," he said. "What’s really most intriguing is that you can be 100% guaranteed to be identified by simply your gait—how you walk."

Friday, September 18, 2015


  OK, it's time for some real Regulations on the internet. Yah, I know, home of free speech and all that, but like most folks I am sick and tired of Sneaky Advertising.

  In this instance the notorious Multiple Download Window. You have all been there. You spend some time researching some app or info and finally decide to download it. You cautiously click on the link to download, and are confronted with download buttons all over the page, all of which simply say DOWNLOAD.

  What to do? You know that one of these is supposed to be what you are looking for, and the rest are who knows what. Spam? Offers to spend your money? Things that could really screw up your computer? A  marriage proposal?

  So you end up reading nearly every thing on the page, hoping to find a clue to the mystery download. And finally in frustration you click on the one you think is right, and WHAM.

    You're suddenly downloading a gizmo to control weight loss in squirrels in Denmark, and it's only 3 easy payments of $14.95.

   After an hour or so working your way back out of this mess, you wonder why there is not a law that simply requires all DOWNLOAD buttons to have a label stating exactly what you will be downloading.

  And I don't mean some incomprehensible geek speak. I mean a label that has the NAME of the app, program, file, or sales offer, that button will download.

  If you agree, pass the word around.   KRASH

Monday, September 14, 2015

Brain Dead Programmers

On my Blogger dashboard today was the note below marked in red, from one of the guys who programs Blogger, I guess.
  I am brand new to blogging and find blogs about as un-intuitive as you can get.

  Like most people, I believe, I want to blog to say something. I want to pass on my ideas and wisdom, and maybe interact with some new friends.
  And like most people, I have NO urge to be a programmer, and as an artist, it's not even a part of how my brain works.
Expecting me to program, is like expecting a fish to walk.
Yet the note below was happily dropped on to my dashboard by some one who believes that the only people on the planet are computer geeks.

I just want to write a note on my blog page and have it show up where I want it to, and I would like it to happen with out the need to learn another language.
If the note below makes any sense to you, you have my sympathy...  KRASH

Recently we introduced a new set of expressions to the Blogger templating language, designed to let you customize the HTML of each post and page on your blog. We’ve gotten great feedback on them, so we figured we'd offer even more.

Now you can try out new tags, like:

  • b:elseif for a simpler multiple-case b:if branch.
  • b:switch and b:case for succinctly handling several possible cases of a variable.
  • b:eval for evaluation of more complex expressions involving data variables.
  • b:with for creating a nicer variable alias for a calculated value.

Blog Help

Just spent another hour on the net trying to get my blog to do something that should be nothing more than clicking a check box, or 2
And I gave up.....
I would REALLY like to sit down with someone who knows Blogger, explain what I want on my blog, and have them set it up so all I have to do is post my ideas, writing and pics.

I do not want to spend my valuable time, learning code, figuring out redirects and ULR addresses.
I do not want to start my day reading some geekspeak, explaining that to move this from here to there takes nothing more that reprogramming my life.

I want a welcome page to pop up when I open my blog with some info about me.
I want tabs that list blogs under specific subjects like, Art, Ideas, and Writing.
And I want to be able to post on any of those with out pissing my day away on help pages.
So far, as I can tell, all these simple concepts are a programming nightmare on blogs.

It's like suddenly being back in Widows 3.1

Finally got some where when a friend said "Just us separate blogs for each subject, and link them"

What's New

Recently on the Blogger Help Forums the following note sat at the top of the page.

Welcome to the new version of Google Product Forums! You can switch to the old design if you'd like (but really why?).

Because most people, unlike geeks, have what are called "comfort zones." Places, things and habits that make them COMFORTABLE. A very common one is sticking to a tool, job, process or program they get used to.

Opening up a familiar page on a computer, makes people feel good. Having it show up completely different the next time they used it, generally adds stress, frustration, and anger. Which is why geeks in general are often just below lawyers and politicians on the "I'd like to hit them with a bat list."

So the next time you come up with a new "Look n Feel" try to remember that many, many people would just like to be comfortable..... KRASH